Our Story

Community is our name, and we live it each day by exceeding expectations. More creative solutions. More focus. More support. Greater compassion. It's the best part about being a true local bank. We can get things done, strengthen business and drive this community to its fullest potential. Anything is possible when we work together.

The story of Community Bank of the Chesapeake starts in 1950 with Mr. Leo Middleton. Along with other community leaders, he opened Tri-County Building and Loan in Waldorf, Maryland. But this young bank was more than a business venture. It was a way for Mr. Middleton to help his neighbors and community.

Life after World War II had its challenges, and many working class families had a hard time getting the credit they needed to buy or build a home. At the Building and Loan, these families would sit down with Mr. Middleton and discuss their needs. Once terms were agreed upon, he’d pull out his ledger from the bottom drawer of his desk, recording the transactions in longhand.

Technology has changed, one branch has become 12 and Tri-County Building and Loan is now called Community Bank of the Chesapeake. But the heart and soul of this institution has never changed. We’re here to be a resource and a support for our friends and neighbors in Southern Maryland and the Fredericksburg region.

The communities we serve have come to expect personal service, financial solutions and warm, meaningful relationships. And we never get tired of exceeding those expectations. If you don’t yet know Community Bank of the Chesapeake, we hope you’ll get to know our products, our people and our passion for service.