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Are you a stay-at-home mom? Looking for long-lasting support and friendships? The MOMS Club, brings at-home mothers together for support and activities during the day. The MOMs Club is an organization dedicated to helping you feel good about your decision to stay at home with your children. They participate in service projects, fundraisers and monthly meetings. In this week’s Friday Focus, we spoke to Beth Siegfried, MOMS Club President to learn why making connections with other moms in the community is so important.

Q: Tell us about your organization (who you serve, what you do, etc.)

MOMS Club allows at-home mothers to get together in a supportive atmosphere. Our name stands for “Moms Offering Moms Support” and our aim is do just that by helping you feel good about your decision to stay home with your children. We hold all meetings during the day and we welcome children to everything our club does. We are the only international organization specifically for at-home mothers (including those with at-home businesses and part-time work). International MOMS Club was founded in 1983 in Simi Valley, California and is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Each year the club takes on a service project specifically intended to support women and children in our area.

Q: What is your favorite “moment” (example of how your organization helped)?

This year the MOMS Club of St. Mary’s County – Southern, MD is raising money to build and supply a Little Free Pantry (http://www.littlefreepantry.org/). We’ve held fundraisers with Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Chipotle and Usbourne Books. We have another dinner fundraiser coming up on April 13th from 5-8 p.m. at Wendy’s Restaurant in Lexington Park. Our club has also received donations from Weis Market and Giant Food.

We are partnering with St. Mary’s County Library on the Little Free Pantry project and have had the opportunity to share our plans with the Homeless Prevention Board in our area. The MOMS Club of St. Mary’s County is excited about contributing to the community in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?

Keeping up with our very energetic babies and toddlers can certainly be a challenge! Honestly, getting the word out about our club and all it has to offer can be challenging. Finding a group of supportive women with children in the same age range is so important for at-home mothers. Members of the MOMS Club find not only parenting advice and friends for their children, but also women with common interests and goals. We want to make sure that all women in our area know that the MOMS Club is available to them and their kids.

Q: Are there any upcoming events?

The last Monday of every month we hold a club social and meeting at 10 a.m. at the Lexington Park Library. In addition, on April 19th at 10 a.m., MOMS Club of St. Mary’s County – Southern, MD is holding an Open House at Lancaster Park in Lexington Park. At-home mothers in our area are welcome to attend with their children to learn more about the wonderful benefits our club has to offer. We are open to all stay-at-home mothers who live in the elementary school districts of Carver, Lexington Park, Park Hall, Piney Point and Ridge. You can email us at lexingtonparkmomsclub@yahoo.com for a list of additional public events.

Q: How can people get involved with your organization?

Our chapter is specifically for members of our community, but there are more than 2,000 MOMS Club chapters in communities all over the globe. Local chapters can be found at momsclub.org. For information on the MOMS Club of St. Mary’s County – Southern, MD, you can visit http://momsclubofstmaryscounty.weebly.com/ or check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MomsClubStMarysCountySouth/.

The Adult Day Care of Calvert County is a wonderful organization that provides services and programs to help care for your loved ones while you have errands to run, work to attend or if you just need relief from your caregiver role. The program provides structured activities, assistance and care as well as gives participants the chance to connect and make friendships with others in their community. This Compassionate organization strives to offer a well-rounded, fun and relaxing daily experience for those in need. Learn what Adult Day Care has to offer from Deborah Plumley, Executive Director, in this week’s Friday Focus.

Q: Tell us about your organization (who you serve, what you do, etc.)

Adult Day Care of Calvert County is a non-profit, non-sectarian corporation designed to provide community-based medical services and physical/social activities to frail and impaired adults.

We recognize that each participant brings with them skills, wisdom and life experience to be shared with others. We, at Adult Day Care of Calvert County, provide a balanced day of planned activities, a time of relaxation and a time to develop new friendships. Our friendly, concerned staff of professionals and volunteers meets each participant’s individual needs. Snacks and nutritious lunch are served. Door-to-door transportation to and from the Center is provided. Personal care, assistance with activities of daily living and community outings are offered.

We believe adult has the right to:

  1. To be treated as an adult, with respect and dignity
  2. To be in an atmosphere of sincere interest and concern
  3. To participate in an individually designed program to promote learning and growth
  4. To privacy and confidentiality

We are committed to:

  • Approaching each person as a unique individual with his or her own strengths and weaknesses
  • Assuming a holistic approach to the care of each individual, recognizing the interrelationship among the physical, social, emotional and environmental aspects of health and well-being
  • Working closely with family members to help them more effectively with the many strains and pressures of maintain an impaired person in the home

We provide nursing care and health services, meals and snacks, transportation and therapeutic activities in a safe, structural and environment.

Q: What is your favorite “moment” (example of how your organization helped?)

I think it would best to have families we serve provide this answer.

“I am the sole caregiver for a parent that suffers from dementia. The Adult Day Care gives me a chance, during the day, to run errands, attend doctors’ appointments, shop, have lunch with friends or just relax, knowing that she is being well cared for. They provide hot meals, snacks, assistance with incontinence as well as supervision. The exceptional staff includes a nurse who keeps me abreast of any issues I should be aware of, an Activities Director who keeps the participants entertained, caregivers and bus drivers. The center provides transportation to and from the program. I recommend the Day Care to any caregiver who could use a break during the day.”

“Without the Center, I wouldn’t be able to work to support us. I don’t know what we’d do. I know she’s okay here and she likes it. She gets to see her friends.”

Q: What is your biggest challenge?

At this time, transportation is a huge challenge for us. Currently, we have two buses – 1994 and 1997 Ford Econolines. Our vans are handicapped accessible, with wheelchair lifts and generous seating as there are necessary for many of our participants. Unfortunately, the 1997 is now non-operational and the 1994 is not in much better shape. As a very small non-profit, organization there often isn’t enough money to pay for our repairs that are needed and we’re not in a position, financially to purchase newer vehicles. When our buses can’t be used, many of our participants are not able to attend the Center as they rely on us to provide transportation.

Q: Are there any upcoming events?

We’d love to have a fund-raiser to help purchase newer buses. If anyone would like to help with planning, heading or making a donation, we’d love to have the help!

Q: How can people get involved with your organization?

If you’re interest in receiving our services, visiting, volunteering, making a donation or would simply like to get to know us better, please call Executive Director, Deborah Plumley at 410-535-0133.

In this week’s Friday Focus we learn about ACTS (A Community That Shares) and how one idea can blossom into something big. ACTS provides convalescent medical equipment to those who would like to live in their homes versus at a health care facility. ACTS started as a small project in a garage and as time went on their idea for a centralized warehouse took form. Through hard work and dedication, ACTS is able to provide thousands of people with the medical equipment they need in order to continue living and improving their health, at home. We spoke to Dave Roche and Sam Brown, President of ACTS, to learn more about their organization and some of the challenges they face.

Q: Tell us about your organization (who you serve, what you do, etc.)

ACTS has been serving Southern Maryland, St. Mary’s County, since 1993. We provide convalescent medical equipment that allows our neighbors to remain home instead of in a health care facility. This service is needed by accident victims, post operation people, the elderly and the sick. We provide, free of charge items such as fully automatic hospital beds, walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, electric wheel chairs, bedside commodes, shower chairs/benches, lift chairs, braces, rollators, knee scooters and many more items.

ACTS is 100% Non-Profit. We depend entirely on donations of money, equipment and manpower to keep the organization running.

Last year ACTS helped approximately 2500 people with approximately 3200 pieces of equipment.

Q: What is your favorite “moment” (example of how your organization helped)?

The ACTS volunteers are most happy when we hear the stories that our neighbors tell us about how grateful they are that they were able to help their loved ones with our equipment. This help may come because our friends needed the equipment after an accident, a hospital stay or procedure or because they are just very active senior citizens.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?

ACTS biggest challenge currently is manpower:

  • To man our warehouse and assist people who come to pick-up or return equipment
  • To assist us with refurbishing returned and donated equipment
  • To pick-up and deliver equipment to people who cannot physically come pick-up the equipment that they need.
  • To help update our current database so we can better track our equipment in order to see that our community’s needs are able to be met in the future.

Q: Are there any upcoming events?    

ACTS will be participating in the CSM Health and National Senior Health and Wellness Day at the Leonardtown campus of CSM on May 31, 2017 from 10 am – 1 pm.

Q: How can people get involved with your organization?

Our President – Sam Brown – is always happy to meet with any individual or organization that is interested in knowing more about how we help our community.

ACTS website address is   http://www.acts-smc.org

ACTS email address is        actsmail1@gmail.com

Our Phone number is          301-769-4199

Anyone can stop by our warehouse for a chat. We would love to speak to anyone who is interested. Our hours are 9 am – 5 pm Monday - Friday and 10 am – 3 pm on Saturdays.

Our address is 21808 Colton’s Point Road, Avenue, Md., 20609. 301-769-4199