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By Stefanie Cusick • February 19, 2016

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Check out this week’s Friday Focus, The SOAR Foundation! The SOAR Foundation helps provide our youth generation the tools to be successful and make an impact. We caught up with Kimberly Harris, President of the SOAR Foundation, to hear some of the foundations favorite moments, biggest challenges and exciting events coming our way.

Q: Tell us about your organization (who you serve, what you do, etc.)

A: The SOAR Foundation advances the social and economic empowerment of youth through engaging them to reach their fullest potential by developing leadership responsibility and life skills through extensive learning programs and positive youth development approaches.

The foundation is dedicated to provide scholarships, internships and career workshops to promote entrepreneurial skills to disadvantaged youth who don't necessarily perform well academically in school, BUT possess a hunger for business and drive to continue their education.

Q: What is your favorite “moment” (example of how your organization helped)?

A: My favorite moment was being able to give funds to some well-deserving families in the area.  Our team visited one of the local homeless shelters and was fortunate enough to give to five families over the Christmas holiday.  The smiles on the faces of some of the recipients were the best thing we could have ever asked for.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?

A: Our biggest challenge we currently face is trying to change the mindset of some of our students.  Many feel as if the odds are against them and sometimes give up on their dreams and aspirations.  It then becomes our job to convince them otherwise and to strive for what they believe is impossible with their current resources.  Since we are a small organization, sometimes our funds are limited but we strive for excellence in all that we do and with what we have. We teach our students to adopt that same philosophy.  Our motto is: “If we keep moving forward, nothing can stop us!”

Q: Are there any upcoming events?

A: We have our Annual Scholarship Crab Feast Fundraiser coming up on June 4 at the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Stadium here in Waldorf, Maryland.  The event is to help raise funds to provide scholarships for local students.  It is an All You Care To Eat Event where ALL are welcome! There will be fun, games, prizes and much more!

Q: How can people get involved with your organization?

A: People can get involved with The SOAR Foundation by contacting us online.  To get involved, you can visit us at www.youthcansoar.org or reach us by email at info@youthcansoar.org.