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FRIDAY FOCUS - Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home (CHVH) is an assisted living facility that provides care and support to veterans that are unable to care for themselves. The core values of CHVH includes a caring attitude, confidentiality and privacy, effective communication and safety awareness, to ensure that the veterans feel at home. This week we talked to Carole Lewis, Director of Marketing/Communication Outreach at CHVH. She gave us details on the services that the Veterans Home provides to the community and what it’s like to be able to help serve those who have served.
Q: Tell us about your organization (who you serve, what you do, etc.)
Charlotte Hall Veterans Home is an affordable alternative to private nursing home care. It is a program of the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA). Charlotte Hall Veterans Home is Maryland’s only skilled nursing and assisted living facility exclusively serving the needs of Maryland’s Veterans and their eligible spouses. Charlotte Hall opened in 1985 with the ability to care for 165 Veterans, today we can provide care for 454 Veterans. This veterans’ home sits on 126 acres, is 330,000 square feet and has over 500 employees. Our Veterans served in World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Lebanon, Panama, Afghanistan and Peace Time.

Some specialized services include memory care, rehabilitation, primary medical care and onsite medical services such as dental, optometry, psychiatry and podiatry services.

Charlotte Hall receives a per diem subsidy from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that is applied toward the cost of Veterans care, and the State of Maryland provides an additional subsidy for Veteran Assisted Living residents. A VPI – 70% or greater service connected Veteran may be entitled to receive the full cost of Nursing Home Care.

We take great pride in providing a warm caring home for Maryland’s Heroes. “Serving Those Who Served”
Q: What is your favorite “moment” (example of how your organization helped)?
Our employees have the option of contributing to the Employee Assistance Fund. This fund provides monetary support to an employee experiencing a crisis. With an employee base of over 500 the Employee Assistance Fund is in constant use. To further help their fellow employees, they raise funds by forming teams and building creative raffle baskets. They are on display for one month. The Administrator contributes $100.00 to each team to purchase items, the employees donate additional items to create amazing baskets, which have included a BBQ Grill Basket, Tail Gate Basket, Back to School Basket, Ocean City Vacation Basket, Scratch Off Basket, Spa Basket, Entertainment Basket, Summer Ice Cream Basket, Travel Basket and a Scentsy Basket. In addition, our Administrator has added two 35” T.V.s. Raffle tickets can be purchased at $1.00 each, 6 for $5.00 or arm’s length for $20.00. Last year they raised $6,000 to add to their Employee Assistance Fund. The moral and spirit this event generates care and appreciation throughout the building for both our Veterans and the employee’s.
Everyday our employees are proud to enrich the lives of our Veterans. During this time, they enrich and support the lives of their fellow colleagues.
Q: What is your biggest challenge?
Our biggest challenge as the only Veterans Home in the State, is to provide outreach to the 23 counties in the State of Maryland.
Q: Are there any upcoming events?
July: CHVH employees participate in a Talent Show for our Veterans.
In honor of National Hot Dog Day, we will have a cookout on the Main Patio.

August: The U.S. Military Veterans Motorcycle Members will have their Poker Run at Charlotte Hall.
The National Recreation Dance Troop with perform at Charlotte Hall.

Any upcoming events can be found at http://www.charhall.org/apps/public/events/
Q: How can people get involved with your organization?
We have a very active volunteer program. There are many opportunities for volunteers (groups or individuals) to provide time and talent to our Veterans. In addition, there are opportunities to adopt a project that may need funding. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Ashley Radano at aradano@hmrmd.com or 301-884-8171 ext. 664. You may also go to our website to download an application at www.charhall.org.
Example of project funding published in the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs web site newsletter today:
Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Launches New Electronic Communication System
CharlotteHallVeteransHome_Logo-(1).jpgWe are pleased to announce the launch of the electronic communication system at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. Touchtown allows more effective communication with residents and staff via TV's throughout the facility, including bedrooms. The program provides information on daily activities, menus and important announcements, in addition to real-time date and weather information. There's also an audio feature to help those who are visually-impaired. The channel can easily switch to watch live activities in the main multipurpose room for those who are unable to leave their rooms. MDVA would like to thank the American Legion Post 82 and Masonic Lodges throughout Maryland for sponsoring this wonderful project, valued at almost $20,000.