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FRIDAY FOCUS: Charles County Crime Solvers, Inc.

By Stefanie Cusick • May 5, 2017

crime solvers
Wouldn’t you like to be a crime solver? Help our Sheriff’s Office solve crimes and hold criminals accountable for their offenses? The Charles County Crime Solvers work with the Sheriff’s Department to do just that. The organization provides a way for citizens to report crimes anonymously and receive monetary compensation upon arresting or apprehending the persons involved in the report. In this week’s Friday Focus, we spoke to Steve Lowe, Director of the Board, to find out the many ways in which Charles County Crime Solvers help our community.

Q:Tell us about your organization. ( who you serve, what you do, ect.)

The Charles County Crime Solvers Inc. was formed by the Waldorf Jaycees in 1981 for the purpose of providing an outlet for citizens of Charles County to report crimes committed to law enforcement and remain anonymous and be rewarded monetarily. TIPS which stood for “turn in a pusher” was originally more directed to drug related crimes, but today is used for all types of crimes. The organization receives TIPS through a direct phone number which is published in many areas for citizens to access. The phone calls are monitored by the Charles County Sheriff’s Department and forwarded to the appropriate department depending on type and nature of crime being reported. Upon arrest or apprehension of person or persons involved a report is made to the Crime Solvers Board of Directors and appropriate awards are approved for the payout to informers providing the TIP, all done anonymously.

The organization is also very active in the middle schools of Charles County, where Sheriff’s department officers (SRO) are stationed at various schools and are equipped to pay out rewards for TIPS turned in while school is in session. This has proved to be very effective.

As a Director for the Board, I am responsible for assisting the organization in securing funds through fund raisers to continue our ability to pay the rewards for the valuable information we receive on a regular basis, since we are not funded by any county or state funds. The Board of Directors is responsible for promotion of the Crime Solvers program to groups such as Home Owners Associations at their regular meetings, National Night Out events and other Crime stopper opportunities that arise during the year. We are very active within the county.

Q:What is your favorite moment?

The Crime solvers has been involved in many people’s lives in many different ways. No one particular event outweighs the other as they are all different. When we pay out a reward that was because we took a drug dealer off of the street, or we pay out a reward that hopefully has helped to save a life of someone who could have been seriously hurt, it has a positive feeling of having contributed and know that it was beneficial to someone.

Helping a Boy Scout get his badge by allowing him to do some physical work for the organization is a way in which we help the community.

Q:what is your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is to expand the exposure of the Crime Solvers to all of the areas that will continue to grow in crime related incidents. Our commitment to provide our services is only limited in the amount of time and personnel we have to do the job at to the fullest extent. Funding is limited at this time and we want it to grow so that our mission can also grow to help reduce the amount of crime here in Charles County.

Q:Are there any upcoming events?

There are 2 major fund raisers coming up.

  • May 7, 2017 @ Metro Gun Club
  • June 13, 2017   7th Annual Golf Tournament @ White Plains Regional Park

See web site for details     charlescountycrimesolvers.com

We will also be in attendance at several HOA meetings, National Night Out, Crime Watcher kickoffs, Charles County Fair and others.

Q:How can people get involved with the organization?

We have an approved number of Director Positions which from time to time may have a vacancy. We also have a ‘General membership’ which is available in several categories. Corporate, Individual, Civic and patron which have a small dues associated yearly. We depend on donations throughout the year from businesses and individuals in order to be able to keep funding the program which has worked so well for both the Crime Solvers and the Community. Any assistance we receive from you is 100% earmarked for the benefit of the program. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit. All monies donated are 100% tax deductible.

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