Safe Deposit Boxes

Never underestimate the value of peace of mind.

A Community Bank safe deposit box is a great place to securely store important documents, valuable jewelry, coins and stock certificates. Our safe deposit boxes are also ideal for safeguarding priceless family heirlooms, photos and other irreplaceable personal items. In a Community Bank safe deposit box, your valuables are stored in a convenient location and protected from loss, theft and destruction. 

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Proper planning is the key to being prepared in the unlikely event that something happens to your home. With your most important documents and possessions secure in one of our safe deposit boxes, you will be able to quickly make any necessary arrangements with insurance companies.

Community Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

Size Annual Cost 
3" x 5" $35.00
3" x 10" $60.00
5" x 10" $85.00
7" x 10" $110.00
10" x 10"  $160.00

Your most valuable possessions, secure and safe for as little as a penny a day. Get your Community Bank safe deposit box today.

*Safe deposit box contents are not FDIC insured.