Business Checkcard

Think of the Community Bank Business Checkcard like your business check ledger-only this fits inside your pocket and weighs less than an ounce. With the Community Bank Business Checkcard you can make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted, and your purchases come directly out of your business checking account. It also doubles as an ATM card, so you have convenient access to your money any time you need it.

Using your Community Bank Business Checkcard is just like writing a check, but it takes a lot less time and effort. Best of all, all purchases are contained on your monthly statement, the same as if you made purchases with a paper check.

Apply for Your Community Bank Checkcard Today

  • Visit a convenient Community Bank office and complete the Business Checkcard application.
  • Give the completed application to your local Branch Manager or Commercial Lender.
  • Your new card will arrive in the mail in approximately two weeks.