Money Market Advantage Account

For our business customers with large cash balances, the Money Market Advantage Account offers an easy, convenient and fully automated way to earn extra income.

The Money Market Advantage Account works by linking a money market account to your checking account. A target balance is then established for your checking account. Funds in excess of the target balance are automatically transferred, or swept, into the Money Market Advantage Account where it earns interest.

There are a number of benefits to using the Money Market Advantage Account, including

  • A potentially higher return – The Money Market Advantage Account allows you to minimize your idle balances and offers you access to competitive returns.
  • Stability of principal – Your checking account maintains your target balance and any excess funds are fully invested.
  • Liquidity – Because funds are automatically transferred between your checking account and the money market account whenever necessary as set by account limits, the sweep account ensures liquidity. There is no minimum amount that is required to remain invested in the Money Market Advantage Account (all Money Market account transfer regulations apply).
  • Convenience – Once your sweep account is established and your target balance is set, everything else is automatic. 

To find out if the Money Market Advantage Account is right for your business, stop by one of our branches or call 1-888-745-2265 and speak with a Branch Manager.