Other Commercial Loans

Business Lines of Credit

Business Lines of Credit are established pre-approved lines of credit allowing advancement of funds as needed. The lines are available to sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships and associations. The lines of credit are demand loans with a yearly renewal. Monthly payments of interest only are due on the first day of the month on the funds advanced. The rate is floating and established at the time of approval. Advance requests can be made by phone and placed in a checking account the same day.

Our business lines of credit are easy, convenient and affordable. With benefits that include:

  • Pre-approved line of credit available upon need
  • Interest only payments on monies advanced
  • Advance request by phone

Short-Term Demand Loans

Designed for the customer who has the capability to repay in a shorter time period. These loans allow the customer to make interest only payments during the term.

Commercial Installment Loans

These loans are designed for commercial customers who desire a monthly amortization for equipment, commercial vehicles or working capital. The terms are flexible and can be determined by the customer or the bank.