The Rappahannock YMCA is supporting our communities

When Barney Riley first took the helm of the Rappahannock YMCA in 1993, the district served 5,000 members in a single small facility. Today, that small facility (after six additions) is the largest YMCA facility in Virginia. Along with four other facilities, Planning District 16 of the YMCA serves 30,000 members and 60,000 program participants.

“When I took over in ’93, I had to immerse myself in the finances and take the whistle off my neck,” says Riley, CEO of the Rappahannock YMCA. “I needed a bank that I could cultivate a relationship with.”

“They wanted to be able to pick up the phone and not get a voicemail,” recalls Tony Farland, a commercial lender at Community Bank.

Community Bank of the Chesapeake stepped in and provided consistent support and that relationship that the YMCA had been looking for.

“The people were so receptive and were really excellent to work with,” Riley says. “Having a bank that has our back and that totally understands what we do is critical. It’s much more than just a business thing.”

At Community Bank, the emphasis has always been to go beyond banking products and services. And through the relationship with the YMCA, employees have new ways to get involved through volunteering.

“It’s really a win-win for the community,” says Farland. “We help the Y and they help the entire community. It’s a relationship that’s very gratifying personally and professionally.”

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