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Certificates of Deposit Rates

Account Type APYMinimum
Balance To Earn APY
Minimum Opening Balance
2-Month CD†0.10%$500.00$500.00
4-Month CD†0.10%$5,000.00$5,000.00
6-Month CD†0.15%$2,500.00$2,500.00
9-Month CD†0.15%$2,500.00$2,500.00
11-Month CD†0.20%$500.00$500.00
12-Month CD†0.20%$500.00$500.00
13-Month CD*†0.45%$500.00$500.00
15-Month CD†0.25%$500.00$500.00
16-Month Choice CD†0.25%$500.00$500.00
18-Month CD†0.30%$500.00$500.00
18-Month IRA CD† (additional deposits allowed)0.30%$10.00$100.00
21-Month CD†0.30%$500.00$500.00
22-Month CD†0.30%$500.00$500.00
24-Month CD†0.35%$500.00$500.00
25-Month Choice CD†0.35%$500.00$500.00
30-Month CD†**1.05%$500.00$500.00
36-Month CD†0.45%$500.00$500.00
48-Month CD†0.60%$500.00$500.00
60-Month CD†1.25%$500.00$500.00

Accurate as of .

APY means annual percentage yield.

Fees imposed on these accounts may reduce the earnings. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

†You may invest the funds for your IRA in any of the accounts listed above.

*One Time Penalty Free Option – must have checking account with Community Bank of the Chesapeake

**One Time Bump Up Rate Option