Quick Switch Kits

Follow these steps for a quick and easy way to transfer your accounts to Community Bank of the Chesapeake. After you complete each step, save the document created for your records.

1. Open your new Community Bank of the Chesapeake checking account.

You can do this by stopping by any Community Bank location.

2. Stop using your old account and let all of your checks clear.

Destroy any unused checks and deposit slips.

3. Move your automatic payments and deposits to your new account.

You will want to change any automatic payments that are being drafted from your old account as well as any deposits that are made to your old account. You can use the Automatic Payment/Deposit Switch Form we have provided to notify these companies of the change. Use one form for each company making an automatic payment/deposit, complete the form and send it to the company making the payment/deposit. (Create as many copies as needed.) *For a quick and easy shortcut, fill out the Customer Information Form to save typing later.

4. Close your old account.

You can use the Account Closing Form we have provided. In some cases, you may also need to return your debit cards to the issuing bank. If after all your checks have cleared, you have a remaining balance, your old bank will send you a check for the balance.