The safest, most convenient way to accept credit card transactions on the go.

Community Bank of the Chesapeake and QwickPAY bring you a complete mobile payment solution that uses the most reliable and safest card swipe reader (Secure Card Reader Authenticator, SCRA). QwickPAY is made for businesses that need an easy solution to take credit card transactions while on the go. All you need is the QwickPAY app, a merchant account, and the SCRA and you can easily accept credit cards.

With QwickPAY, your business can:

  • Provide a safer way for customers to pay
  • Make secure transactions anytime, anywhere
  • Capture digital signatures
  • Auto-calculate tip and tax
  • Reduce chargebacks by identifying counterfeit cards on the spot
  • Collect and store customer contact information
  • Email receipts upon completing a transaction
  • And more!

QwickPAY goes where you go. To learn how QwickPAY can help your business, stop by one of our convenient branches or call 1-888-745-2265 to speak with a Branch Manager today.


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