Through a partnership with EverFi, Community Bank of the Chesapeake is providing education and financial literacy to students in public high schools throughout Southern Maryland.

EverFi is building and operating the nation’s largest network for K-12 online education in off-curriculum but highly valuable content areas such as financial literacy, student loan management and other key life skills for the 21st century student. EverFi’s award-winning platform teaches students the principles of finance through highly engaging 3-D gaming, social networking, video and messaging applications.

The 10-unit course delivers a measurable and lifelong impact on students and fulfills Maryland state requirements for financial literacy education.

The skills and knowledge learned in this program help the kids in our communities prepare for adulthood. By equipping them to be responsible with money, we’re building a brighter future for them and for our entire region. For more information about Community Bank’s Financial Scholars Program, please call us at 888.745.2265.

Local students and teachers share the importance of financial literacy and the Financial Scholars Program.

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