Warren Buffett summed up his investing advice with this simple remark: “Never lose money.” Mr. Buffett’s advice is a tad idealistic, but it’s worth considering as you build or re-build your investment portfolio. Growth is the goal, loss is the enemy and stagnation is something to avoid.

To keep your investment funds growing, consider these principles.

Time is your friend.

If you are attempting to use investments to make your millions, don’t count on it happening quickly. It’s easy to feel plagued by anxiety as you watch investment balances go up and down, but acting on that anxiety is dangerous. Many of the vehicles you will invest in have a long-term upward trend. Don’t panic about temporary ups and downs.


There are few baskets worthy of all your eggs. By spreading your money over multiple diversified investments, you allow for slow and steady growth with minimal anxiety. And if you’re interested in riskier investments, you can test the waters with smaller amounts of money to avoid catastrophic loss.

Understand risk.

Some investments essentially guarantee a return, but that return on investment is often small. Others have the potential to grow at an incredible rate or lose money in a very short amount of time. Only you know your appetite for risk and how much of your portfolio should be made up of higher-risk investments.

Reevaluate often.

You don’t need to revise your investment strategy every week or every month. But this is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” proposition. Generally, the shorter your investment term, the more conservative you should be. Depending on your stage of life, your goals and your timeframe, your investment needs will change. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your portfolio.

Seek advice.

Considering that your investment portfolio will greatly impact your financial wellbeing, it makes sense to talk to a professional. When looking for an investment advisor, look for someone who can clearly explain even the most complex topics. If a person or an organization has a good track record of producing returns, this will also make it easy to give them your trust. At Community Bank of the Chesapeake, we have a team of investment bankers who want to get to know you, understand your goals and then help you build a portfolio that works for you. We’re ready to help start or refine your portfolio today.

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