Identity theft can happen any time, but you could be an easier target when away from home. Don’t let your guard down!

Here are three quick tips to keep you — and your identity — safe while you are away.

Check in with your bank
Let your financial institution and credit card company know you’ll be traveling, and where, so they can keep a close fraud watch on your card activity. This heightened monitoring can stop fraudulent activity before it starts and minimize any damage.
Travel light
There’s no need to carry all your credit cards with you. Narrow the quantity down to just one credit card and your ATM/debit card. Weed through your wallet and remove any confidential information like your social security card. There is no need to carry personal checks as these highlight your home address and phone number, use traveler’s checks instead.
Keep your guard up
Staying at a hotel? Don’t leave personal information in an empty hotel room. Use the hotel safe, or take those items with you when you leave for the day. This includes information goldmines like smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. The same is true for your personal vehicle or rental car. Don’t assume your information will be safe in a glove compartment or locked car.

Your vacation should be a time to remember — for all the right reasons. Enjoy and stay safe!