According to a survey conducted by Javelin Strategy and the Better Business Bureau, theft of paper mail is among the three most common ways identity thieves gain access to private information.

Just by opening your mailbox, or looking in your recycling bin, thieves can easily pilfer checks, bank statements, and other documents containing your personal financial information.

Curb crime – and clutter!
One way to prevent identify theft is to sign up for paperless statements or bills whenever possible. Many credit card companies, public utilities and other large organizations allow you to opt out of receiving paper statements, reducing the opportunity for would-be thieves to steal your information.

Plus, there is the added benefit of less paper used, and less documents to store in your home or office!

Take the first step.
If you are a customer of Community Bank of the Chesapeake, you can take the first step towards protecting your identity by signing up to receive your bank statements electronically. Our e-Statements contain all the same information as traditional paper statements and there is no fee for this service.

Signing up for e-Statements is easy. Just log in to Online Banking account, then follow the instructions to sign up for e-Statements. Not using Online Banking? Now might be a great time to start – Click here to register.

By receiving your statements electronically, you’re helping to keep yourself, and your vital financial information, safe from prying eyes.