Helpful Tips for Navigating Online Business Banking

As we transition to our new Online Banking system, we wanted to provide you with some helpful tips.

General Tips

With the new system, you can easily navigate to a specific part of the site by selecting from the drop down before you log in. Simply enter your Access ID, select the page you want to go to and log in. Once you put in your password, you will be taken directly to your requested page.

Overview Page
The Overview page provides immediate access to key functions such as transfer management tools for reviewing and approving transactions, immediate transfer capabilities for internal and external transfers, up-to-date balances of corporate accounts and more.

Quick Transfers
The Quick Transfers section provides a convenient way to issue Internal Fund transfers, ACH Fund transfers and Domestic or Foreign Wire transfers.

Quick Launch
The Quick Launch section provides convenient access to launch Bill Payment and ACH Manager single sign-on capabilities.

The Transactions section provides a convenient way to review Fund Transfers, File Transfers or ACH Manager transfers; view up to 200 of the most recent transactions for an account and view upcoming transactions for Fund Transfers, File Transfers and ACH Manager transactions.


Viewing Checks

To view your checks in numerical order, choose the account on which the checks are drawn and then choose the time period for which you want to view the checks (Previous Statement, Current Statement or All Transactions). Click on Transaction Number. This will sort your transactions and group all of your checks together.


Bill Pay

To access Bill Pay, simply click on the account from which you wish to pay bills. Choose Management Tools and then Bill Payments.


The Fund Transfer Template provides the ability for authorized employees to establish new or modify existing Fund Transfer Templates.

To initiate a new transfer, click on Administration and select Add Template.

Next, fill out the form, in its entirety. If you want to set this transfer up to reoccur on a preset basis, simply choose the preferred Frequency from the drop down menu. When you are finished, click Submit.

Other options within Fund Transfers include.

  • Add Using Fund Transfer Template to establish fund transfer specifications using another fund transfer template.
  • Change Fund Transfer Template to modify fund transfer specifications for an existing fund transfer template.
  • Delete Fund Transfer Template to delete a fund transfer template. In this case, select the checkbox next to the fund transfer you wish to delete and click Submit. A confirmation dialog box is displayed, confirming the fund transfer has been deleted.

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