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   What's the connection between your health and wealth? 


   It may be surprising to learn how intertwined your health and financial well-being are. Your behavioral habits for both your health and finances define the         
   outcome of your life - whether you'll be able to retire comfortably, whether you'll be able to go to your granddaughter's soccer game, whether you'll have debt or   
   leave a trust fund. The idea that healthy living is connected to your wealth is rooted in research. Community Wealth Advisors wants to help alleviate financial   
   stress and give you a clear path to success. 


   Think about this - if you're financially stressed, does that affect your physical health? Generally, the answer is yes. The stress might cause you to eat poorly, lack         exercise, not sleep well, all leading to health problems that eventually will cause more money problems. So how do we fix that? By getting together with a
   Wealth Advisor, to evaluate your needs and wants, to create a plan to meet these goals and then help implement them most effectively. 

   "The average life expectancy in America has increased by almost 30 years over the last century"....That means it is even more important to understand the       connection between health, wealth and happiness.